Bachelor of Science in
Environmental Management and Technology (EVMT)

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EVMT Alumni Interview by ENVR Faculties


EVMT Alumni Interview Conducted by Environmental Management and Technology Alumni Association (EVMTAA), HKUSTAA
Words from Alumni

Esther Tsang (Class of 2013)
There are many exciting elements to EVMT in addition to the main curriculum. With the support of the Interdisciplinary Programs Office, I have participated in formal and informal events that are working to make a positive change to the world's environment. We enjoy opportunities to undertake exchanges and internships. The strong bonds among EVMT students are another important feature. As a small intake program, the relationships among those in the program are very close. In fact, all EVMT students often attend activities together.


Keith Chan (Class of 2014)
EVMT does not only provide excellent training in interdisciplinary thinking. I have gained curiosity as a result of the flexible design of our curriculum and exposure to industry practices in field trips; I have gained courage via synthesizing knowledge across disciplines and asserting my opinions in international conferences and industry forums; I have gained passion through numerous intellectual discussions and vision sharing with my buddies. These are the three best assets I have gained in my university life. With the strong support from the Division of Environment and close bonding among students, EVMT is indubitably a breeding ground of entrepreneurs for our future. I am proud to be part of the EVMT family.


John Nam (Class of 2015)
Through EVMT's interdisciplinary training, I learned to link the different disciplines that compose our world via a medium called the environment. EVMT has also provided me with ample opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to the real world through research opportunities, field trips, academic seminars and industry forums. The Division's supportive professors and staff, and the close bond among fellow EVMT students, supplied an environment where I can quickly adapt to university life; by engaging in intellectual discussions with them, I developed more confidence and feel even more passionate about my academic goals. EVMT is a vibrant community with a progressive outlook, and I am proud to be a part of it.