Master Theses List

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Student Name Title Program Supervisors
TANG, King Yan Louisa Integrated Assessment on Effectiveness of Intervened Vehicular Emission Control Programmes in Hong Kong Air Quality ESPM Prof. Alexis LAU
Prof. Jimmy FUNG
TSE, Wai Po Jason Impact of Urbanization on Regional Atmospheric Boundary Layer AES Prof. Jimmy FUNG
WANG, Hao Alex Particle Size Characteristics Based on HR-ToF-AMS Measurements at Two Suburban Sites in the PRD Region ESPM Prof. Chak CHAN
Prof. Jianzhen YU
WONG, Nga Ki Frances Light-based Technology for Surface Disinfection ESPM Prof. King Lun YEUNG
Prof. Joseph KWAN
WONG, Wai Hin Aidan A Feasibility Study of Utilizing Big History as a New Pedagogical Framework in Achieving a Paradigm Transition from Environmental Education to Education for Sustainability ESPM Prof. Alexis LAU
Prof. Robert GIBSON
YOU, Cheng Characteristics of Sea-breeze Circulation in Guangdong Province and its Response to Rapid Urbanization in Pearl River Delta Region ESPM Prof. Jimmy FUNG
Prof. Alexis LAU
YU, Chenmin Process and Dynamic Linkage of the Circulation along the Northern South China Sea Shelf ESPM Prof. Jianping GAN


Student Name Title Program Supervisors
FOK, Wing Tung Michelle Waste and Recycling Management Strategies: An analysis of the Experience in Taipei City and Hong Kong ESPM Prof. Erik BAARK
Prof. Gerald PATCHELL
HE, Xiao Spatiotemporal Variations of Phthalic Acids, Benzene-Tricarboxylic Acids, and Phenolic Acids in PM2.5 in the Pearl River Delta Region China ESPM Prof. Jianzhen YU
Prof. Alexis LAU
LI, Yugen Quantifying the relationship between visibility degradation and PM2.5 constituents in Hong Kong ESPM Prof. Jianzhen YU
Prof. Simon CHAN
SUN, Chengzhu Continuous measurements of ambient particulate pollutants at the urban roadside in Hong Kong by Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor (ACSM) ESPM Prof. Chi Ming CHAN
Prof. Chak CHAN
WONG, Yee Ka Incorporating Molecular Marker Degradation into Chemical Mass Balance Source Apportionment of PM2.5 AES Prof. Jianzhen YU


Student Name Title Program Supervisors
CHOW, Ka Shing Quantification of Nitroaromatic Compounds in Atmospheric Fine Particulate Matter in Hong Kong over Three Years: Field Measurement Evidence for Secondary Formation Derived from Biomass Burning Emissions AES Prof. Jianzhen YU
DOU, Jing Quantifying the modulation effect of imidazoles on Reactive Oxygen Species Generation by Quinones and Atmospheric Humic-like Substances ESPM Prof. Jianzhen YU
Prof. Simon CHAN
HUNG, Pik Shuen Karen Pulsed Electric Field Electrode Designs for Water Disinfection ESPM Prof. Joseph KWAN
Prof. King Lun YEUNG
LEE, Hin Kwong Macro- and Micro- Attributes on Classroom Air Quality in Local Primary Schools ESPM Prof. Arthur LAU
Prof. Chak CHAN
LI, Junlu Juno Variability of the Current System in the Tropical Western Pacific Ocean: Numerical Modeling Study ESPM Prof. Jianping GAN


Student Name Title Program Supervisors
HUI, Chi Wing Upwelling circulation and dynamics over a steep shelf and in a semi-closed gulf adjacent to the eastern Hainan Island ESPM Prof. Jianping GAN
LAI, Yue Ta Antimicrobial Coating for Air Filtration Media ESPM Prof. King Lun YEUNG
Prof. Joseph KWAN
LAM, Ka Wo Micro-Engineered Electrode for Pulsed Electric Field Disinfection by using Mini Circuit ESPM Prof. Joseph KWAN
Prof. King Lun YEUNG
LO, Kar Yee Market Response to Environmental, Social, Governance and Sustainability initiatives undertaken by listed companies in Hong Kong ESPM Prof. Calvin KWAN
Prof. Chak K. CHAN
LO, Ngai Man A Community-based Approach in the Sustainability Study of Rock Cavern Development and Underground Space Usage in Hong Kong ESPM Prof. Gerald R PATCHELL
Prof. Erik BAARK
ZHANG, Min Discovery of the "Environment-specific" E. coli from the subtropical marine sediment and to develop a novel shotgun proteomics-based method for strain level characterization of E. coli ESPM Prof. Stanley LAU
Dr. Henry LAM


Student Name Title Program Supervisors
CHAN, Ka Man Oligomeric products and formation mechanisms from acid-catalyzed reactions of methyl vinyl ketone on acidic sulfate particles ESPM Prof. Chak K. CHAN
CHENG, Wenjuan Surface characterization of size-fractioned aerosols in Hong Kong ESPM Prof. Chi-Ming CHAN
HUNG, Ka-Man In Vitro Toxicity Testing of Incense VOCs using A549 Lung Epithelial Cells AES Prof. Arthur LAU
WONG, Wing-Yi Characterization of Secondary Organic Aerosols from Isoprene, Monoterpenes, β-caryophyllene, Toluene and Naphthalene at Three Sites in the Pearl River Delta, China AES Prof. Jianzhen YU


Student Name Title Program Supervisors
LEE, Berto Paul Yok Long Application of aerosol mass spectrometry for physical and chemical characterization of aerosol in Hong Kong AES Prof. Chak K. CHAN