Doctoral Theses List

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Student Name Title Supervisors

CHU, Yangxi

Role of Organics in Short-chain Alkyl Amine Uptake by Ammonium Sulfate-Organics Mixed Particles

Prof. Chak CHAN
Prof. Jianzhen YU


Bayesian Semi-parametric Inference via Quasi-posterior Distributions and its Applications to Environmental Science and Policy

Prof. Mike SO
Prof. Alexis LAU

DU, Dijia

Environmental Policy in China: Historical Perspectives and Current Implementation

Prof. Erik BAARK
Prof. Gerald R PATCHELL

LU, Xingcheng

Numerical Modeling Studies of Source Apportionment, Health Effect and Atmospheric Chemistry for Ambient Pollutants in China

Prof. Jimmy FUNG
Prof. Kam Tim TSE

XU, Meng

National and Provincial Energy Balances as an Assessment Tool for Shale Gas Development Options in China

Prof. Alexis LAU
Prof. Bill BARRON


Student Name Title Supervisors

CHEUNG, Hoi-Yan Heidi

Chemical Composition, Hygroscopicity and Volatility of Ambient Aerosols in Hong Kong and Guangzhou

Prof. Chak CHAN
Prof. Chi Ming CHAN

LEE, Berto Paul Yok-Long

Insights into the characteristics of submicron particulate matter and the urban roadside in Hong Kong using aerosol mass spectrometry

Prof. Chak CHAN
Prof. Jianzhen YU


Heterogeneous uptake of ammonia and alkyl-amines by sulfuric acid particles

Prof. Chak CHAN
Prof. Chi Ming CHAN


Student Name Title Supervisors

YAO, Teng

Numerical study on formation and dispersion of secondary organic aerosol

Prof. Jimmy C. H. FUNG
Prof. Kwing Lam CHAN


Student Name Title Supervisors

XUE, Jian

Secondary inorganic soluble aerosol in Hong Kong : continuous measurement, formation mechanism discussion and improvement of an observation-based model to study control strategies

Prof. Jianzhen YU
Prof. Alexis K. H. LAU

LIU, Rulong

Diversity, distribution and population dynamics of fecal bacteroidales communities in the marine environment of Hong Kong : implications to water quality monitoring

Prof. Stanley C.K. LAU