Wenwei CHE

Research Assistant Professor, Division of Environment and Sustainability

Tel: (852) 2358 6904
Office: Rm 4332 (lift 3)

Research Interests
  • Indoor/outdoor air pollution
  • Human exposure to air pollution
  • Exposure measurement in various micro-environments
  • Stochastic Exposure modeling
Recent Publications
  • Hohenberger, T. L.; Che, W. W. *; Fung, J. C. H.; Lau, A. K. A proposed population-health based metric for evaluating representativeness of air quality monitoring in cities: using Hong Kong as a demonstration. PLOS ONE (accepted).
  • Morrison, D.*; Li, J.; Crawford, I.; Che, W. W.; Flynn, M.; Chan, M. N.; Lau, A. K.; Fung, J. C.; Topping, D.; Yu, J.;Gallagher, M., The Observation and Characterisation of Fluorescent Bioaerosols Using Real-Time UV-LIF Spectrometry in Hong Kong from June to November 2018. Atmosphere 2020, 11 (9), 944.
  • Che, W. W.; Frey, H. C.; Fung, J. C. H.; Ning, Z.; Qu, H. M.; Lo, H. K.; Chen, L.; Wong, T. W.; Wong, M. K. M.; Lee, O. C. W.; Carruthers, D.; Cheung, F.; Chan, J. W. M.; Yeung, D. W.; Fung, Y. H.; Zhang, X. G.; Stocker, J.; Hood, C.; Hohenberger, T. L.; Leung, K. W.; Louie, P. Y. K.; Li, A. T. Y.; Sun, L.; Wei, P.; Li, Z. Y.; Zhang, Y. M.; Wang, M. L.; Shen, Q. M.; Huang, W.; Lee, E.; Patwary, A.; Lei, X. Y.; Cheng, S.; Hossain, M. S.; Tang, K. T. J.; Lao, X. Q.; Leung, R.; Chan, D.; Li, Y.; Yuan, Z. B.;Lau, A. K.*, PRAISE -HK: A personalized real-time air quality informatics system for citizen participation in exposure and health risk management. Sustainable Cities and Society 2020, 54.
  • Che, W. W.; Li, A. T.; Frey, H. C.; Tang, K. T. J.; Sun, L.; Wei, P.; Hossain, M. S.; Hohenberger, T. L.; Leung, K. W.;Lau, A. K.*, Factors affecting variability in gaseous and particle microenvironmental air pollutant concentrations in hong kong primary and secondary schools. Indoor Air 2020. DOI: 10.1111/ina.12725
  • Li, Z. Y.; Che, W. W.*; Lau, A. K. H.; Fung, J. C. H.; Lin, C. Q.;Lu, X. C., A feasible experimental framework for field calibration of portable light-scattering aerosol monitors: Case of TSI DustTrak. Environmental Pollution 2019, 255.
  • Che, W. W.; Tso, C. Y.; Sun, L.; Ip, D. Y. K.; Lee, H.; Chao, C. Y. H.;Lau, A. K. H.*, Energy consumption, indoor thermal comfort and air quality in a commercial office with retrofitted heat, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Energy and Buildings 2019, 201, 202-215.
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  • Li, Z.; Che, W. W.; Frey, H. C.;Lau, A. K.*, Factors affecting variability in PM2. 5 exposure concentrations in a metro system. Environmental Research 2018, 160, 20-26.
  • Li, Z.; Che, W. W.; Frey, H. C.; Lau, A. K.*;Lin, C., Characterization of PM2. 5 exposure concentration in transport microenvironments using portable monitors. Environmental Pollution 2017, 228, 433-442.
  • Che, W. W.; Frey, H. C.;Lau, A. K. H.*, Sequential Measurement of Intermodal Variability in Public Transportation PM2.5 and CO Exposure Concentrations. Environmental Science & Technology 2016, 50 (16), 8760-8769.
  • Che, W. W.; Frey, H. C.;Lau, A. K. H.*, Comparison of Sources of Variability in School Age Children Exposure to Ambient PM2.5. Environmental Science & Technology 2015, 49 (3), 1511-1520.