Ulf Henning RICHTER

Adjunct Associate Professor, Division of Environment and Sustainability

Tel: (852) 2358 8363
Fax: (852) 2335 9317
Office: Rm 4412 (Lift 17/18)

Research Areas
  • Carbon markets, carbonomics, carbon neutrality, decarbonization, energy transition, corporate sustainability, strategy & innovation, postnational constellation, social transformation, institutional theory
Highlighted Publications
  • Richter, U. H., Shirodkar, V., & Shete, N. (2020): Firm-level Indicators of Instrumental and Political CSR Processes - A Multiple Case Study, European Management Journal, Pages 39(2):279-290.
  • Richter, U. H. (2020): Shifting Paradigms in the Postnational Constellation: A Deliberative View on the Role of the Firm, in “Non-market Strategies in International Business”, edited by Professors Steven McGuire, Roger Strange, Vikrant Shirodkar, Palgrave MacMillan: New York.
  • Godfrey, L., Ahmed, M. T., Gebremedhin, K. D., Katima, J. H. Y., Oelofse, S. Osibanjo, O, Richter, U. H., & A. H. Yonli (2019): Solid waste management in Africa: Governance failure or development opportunity?, in “Regional Development in Africa”, ISBN 978-1-78985-238-7, Intech Open: London.
  • Shirodkar, V., Beddewela, E., & U. H. Richter. (2018): Firm-level determinants of Political CSR in Emerging Economies Evidence from India, Journal of Business Ethics, 148(3): 673-688.
  • Richter, U. H. (2018): Financing Waste Management in Africa. In UNEP Africa Waste Management Outlook. Launched by UNEP & CSIR during Sustainability Week/African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum in Pretoria, South Africa on June 5, 2018 (World Environment Day). United Nations Environnement Programme: Nairobi.
  • Richter, U. H., & F. Arndt. (2018): Cognitive Processes in the CSR Decision-Making Process: An Operationalization of CSR as Sensemaking, Journal of Business Ethics, 148(3): 587-602.
  • Richter, U. H., & K. Dow. (2017). Stakeholder Theory: A Deliberative Perspective. Business Ethics: A European Review, 26(4):428-442.
  • Richter, U. H. (2011): Drivers of Change – Institutionalizing CSR. Journal of Business Ethics, 102(2): 261-279.
  • Richter, U. H. (2010): Liberal Thought in Reasoning on CSR. Journal of Business Ethics, 97(4): 625-649.
  • Ählstrom J., Marquet M., & U. H. Richter. (2009): The Lack of a Critical Perspective in Environmental Management Research: Distortion in the Scientific Discourse, 18 (5): 334-346.
  • Palazzo, G., & U. H. Richter. (2007): CSR Business as Usual? The Case of the Tobacco Industry. Journal of Business Ethics, 61(4): 387-401.