Ph.D.(1986), Information and Computer Sciences, University of Lund
Professor Emeritus, Division of Environment and Sustainability
Professor Emeritus, Division of Social Science

Tel: (852) 2358 8363
Fax: (852) 2335 9317
Office: Room 4412 (Lift 17/18)

Research Interests
  • National Innovation Systems in Asia and Europe
  • Climate Change and Green Innovation
  • University-Industry linkages
Recent Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals:

  • Constantine Spandagos, Erik Baark, Tze Ling Ng and Masaru Yarime "Social influence and economic intervention policies to save energy at home: Critical questions for the new decade and evidence from air-condition use," Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 143 (2021)
  • Constantine Spandagos, Masaru Yarime, Erik Baark and Tze Ling Ng "“Triple Target” policy framework to influence household energy behavior: Satisfy, strengthen, include," Applied Energy 269 (2020)
  • Erik Baark 'Market-based Climate Policy in China? The Case of Emissions Trading Systems" East Asian Policy Vol. 11, No. 04, pp. 46-59 (2019)
  • Erik Baark “Innovation System Reform in Indonesia and Vietnam: A new Role for Universities?” Journal of STI Policy and Management 1(1) (2016), p. 1-15.
  • Hu, Mei-Chih, Naubahar Sharif and Erik Baark, “Information Technology Services: A Key Knowledge-Intensive Business Service Industry in Hong Kong SAR, China” Science Technology Society Vol. 19, No. 1 (2014), p. 27-55
  • Sharif, Naubahar, Erik Baark and Antonio K.W. Lau “Innovation activities, sources of innovation and R&D cooperation: evidence from firms in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province, China” International Journal of Technology Management Vol. 59, Nos. 3/4, (2012), p. 203-234


Refereed Book Chapters

  • Erik Baark, “The Chinese State and Its Role in Shaping China’s Innovation System” in: The Asian Developmental State: Reexaminations and New Departures Edited by Yin-wah Chu (Houndmills, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016), p. 159-174
  • Erik Baark and Naubahar Sharif, “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: The Hong Kong Experience with Public Procurement for Innovation” in: Public Procurement, Innovation and Policy: International Perspectives, edited by Veiko Lember, Rainer Kattel and Tarmo Kalvet (Berlin: Springer, 2014), pp. 171-190
  • Erik Baark, Yun-Chung Chen, Ngai Pun and Alvin So, ”Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta in China: Cross-border Integration and Sustainability” in: Urban and Regional Development Trajectories in Contemporary Capitalism, edited by Flavia Martinelli, Frank Moulaert and Andreas Novy. (Abingdon and New York: Routledge, 2013),  p. 127-47


​Conference Papers

  • Fok, Wing Tung Michelle and Erik Baark, “Solid waste and recycling management strategy: Taipei and Hong Kong perspectives” Global Waste Management Symposium 2016, Palm Springs, California, USA. 2016, p. 1-10
  • Fok, Wing Tung Michelle and Erik Baark, “Solid waste management approaches in Taipei and Hong Kong: Challenges and alternatives” The International Conference on Solid Wastes 2015: Knowledge Transfer for Sustainable Resource Management, Hong Kong. 2015, p. 194-197
  • Erik Baark, Rene Kemp and Sardar Turkeli, “The Political Economy of Eco-innovation Governance in China and Europe:  A Comparative Perspective: Paper presented at the 10th Globelics international conference, Hangzhou, PRC,  9-11 November, 2012