Lecturer I, Division of Environment and Sustainability

Tel: (852) 3469 2699
Fax: (852) 2335 9317
Office: Room 4355 (Lift 13/15)
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Research interests
  • Life Cycle Assessment 
  • Sustainable Fashion Production and Collaborative Consumption 
  • Product Sustainability and Reuse Systems 
  • Consumer Behaviour 
  • Sustainability Education and Educational Games 
Recent Publications
  • Vladimirova, K.; Henninger, C.E.; Joyner-Martinez, C.; Iran, S.; Diddi, S., Jestratijevic I., Durrani, M., Iyer, K., McCormick, H., Niinimäki, K., Prriyadarshini, T., Sauerwein, M., Singh, R., Simek P., Wallaschkowski, S.: Fashion consumption during COVID-19: Comparative analysis of changing acquisition practices across nine countries and implications for sustainability, Journal of Cleaner and Responsible Consumption, 2022
  • Iran, S.; Joyner-Martinez, C.; Vladimirova, K.; Diddi, S., Henninger, C.E.; McCormick, H.; Matus,K.; Niinimäki, K., Sauerwein, M., Singh, R., Tiedke, L.;  Wallaschkowski, S.: When mortality knocks: Pandemic-inspired attitude shifts towards sustainable clothing consumption in six countries International Journal for Sustainable Fashion and Textiles, 2022
  • Sauerwein, M. and Chan, C. K.: Heterogeneous uptake of ammonia and dimethylamine into sulfuric and oxalic acid particles, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 17, 6323-6339, 2017.
  • Sauerwein, M.; Clegg, S. L.; Chan, C. K. Water Activities and Osmotic Coefficients of Aqueous Solutions of Five Alkylaminium Sulfates and Their Mixtures with H2SO4 at 25oC. Aerosol Sci. Technol., 49, 566-579, 2015.
  • Chu, Y.; Sauerwein, M.; Chan, C. K. Hygroscopic and phase transition properties of alkyl aminium sulfates at low relative humidities. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 17, 19789-19796, 2015.
  • A. Hanke, M. Sauerwein, K. Kaiser, K. Kalbitz: Does anoxic processing of dissolved organic matter affect organic-mineral interactions in paddy soils? Geoderma, 228, pp. 62–66, 2014.