Zhenning LI

Research Assistant Professor, Division of Environment and Sustainability

Tel: (852) 3469 2556
Office: Room 4355 (lift 13-15)
Link(s): Personal Home Page

Research area

Climate and Weather Modeling, Air-Wave-Sea Coupled Simulations, Climate Change, Parallel Optimization of Numerical Models

Research interests
  • Climate and weather simulations using hierarchical modeling tools
  • Regional air-wave-sea coupled forecast system development
  • Load-balanced and communication-efficient modeling on distributed systems
  • Massive and fast Lagrangian simulations in the atmosphere
  • Machine learning application in climate and atmospheric sciences
Recent Publications / Representative Publications


  • Lu, X., Sha, Y.H., Li, Z., Huang, Y., Chen, W., Chen, D., Shen, J., Chen, Y. and Fung, J.C., 2021. Development and application of a hybrid long-short term memory–three dimensional variational technique for the improvement of PM2. 5 forecasting. Science of The Total Environment, 770, p.144221.
  • Li, Z., Yang, S., Tam, C.Y. and Hu, C., 2021. Strengthening western equatorial Pacific and Maritime Continent atmospheric convection and its modulation on the trade wind during spring of 1901–2010. International Journal of Climatology, 41(2), pp.1455-1464.
  • Yang, S., Li, Z., Yu, J.Y., Hu, X., Dong, W. and He, S., 2018. El Niño–Southern Oscillation and its impact in the changing climate. National Science Review, 5(6), pp.840-857.
  • Li, Z., Yang, S., Hu, X., Dong, W. and He, B., 2018. Charge in long-lasting El Niño events by convection-induced wind anomalies over the Western Pacific in boreal spring. Journal of Climate, 31(10), pp.3755-3763.
  • Hu, C., Yang, S., Wu, Q., Li, Z., Chen, J., Deng, K., Zhang, T., and Zhang, C., 2016. Shifting El Niño inhibits summer Arctic warming and Arctic sea-ice melting over the Canada Basin. Nat. Comm., doi: 10.1038/ncomms11721.
  • Li, Z., Yang, S., He, B. and Hu, C., 2016. Intensified springtime deep convection over the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea dries Southern China. Sci. Rep., 6, p.30470.