Louis K F LAM

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Division of Environment and Sustainability

Office: Rm 4412 (lift 17/18)

Research area
  • Material Science, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Green technology

Research interests
  • Nanomaterial synthesis and application, MEMs, environmental impact assessment
Recent Publications / Representative Publications
  • K. F. Lam, W. M. Chan, “Sealant Composition” United States Patent Application US20150166848 A1, 2015.
  • X. Ma, Y. Yu, J. Xing, T. Yang, K. F. Lam, Q. Xue, B. Albela, L. Bonneviot, K. Zhang, "Tailoring porosity and dimensionality of Co3O4 nanophase using channel interconnectivity control by steaming of nanocasting SBA-15”, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2014, 200, 182–189.
  • K. F. Lam, H. M. Lei, J. J. C. Leung, C. S. K. Lin, “Economic Feasibility of a Pilot-Scale Fermentative Succinic Acid Production from Bakery Wastes”, Food and Bioproducts Processing, 2014, 92(3), 282-290.
  • A. Constantinuou, F. Ghiotto, K. F. Lam, A. Gavrillidis, “Stripping of Acetone from Water by Microfabricated and Membrane Gas-Liquid Contactors”, The Analyst, 2013, 139(1), 266-272.
  • K. L. Foong, K. F. Lam, J. Barford, G. McKay, “A comparative study on selective adsorption of metal ions using aminated adsorbents”, Journal of Colloidal and Interface Science, 2013, 395, 230-240.
  • M. Foerster, K. F. Lam, E. Sorensen, A. Gavriilidis, "In-situ monitoring of microfluidic distillation", Chemical Engineering Journal, 2013, 227, 13-21.
  • K. F. Lam, E. Cao, E. Sorensen, A. Gavriilidis, “Development of multistage distillation in a microfluidic chip”, Lab-on-a-Chip 2011, 11, 1311-1317.