Keith CHAN

Assistant Professor, Division of Environment and Sustainability

Tel: (852) 3469 2968
Office: Room 4358 (Lift 13/15)

Research Area
  • Microeconomic and Game Theory
  • Environmental Economics
  • Sustainable and Green Finance
Research Interest

Environmental policies change the economic incentives of individual firms and investors. Microeconomic and game theory therefore provide useful frameworks for understanding how individual stakeholders respond to new policy initiatives, and how the optimality of various institutions may depend on the underlying parameters of the market environment. As innovative institutions governing emissions trading and green bonds markets are rapidly developed in different parts of the world, I am interested in learning from their successes or failures. 

Research Work
  • Chan, K.J.D., and Mylius, F. (2023). Economic Downturns and the Unemployed: More or fewer Lemons? Available at SSRN:
  • Chan, K.J.D., Mok, L.W., and Wan, W.T.S. (2023). Leveraging the Common Ground Taxonomy: Premium and Spillovers in Corporate Green Bonds. Available at SSRN: (Under Review)
  • Papyshev, G., and Chan, K.J.D. (2023) Fugazi Regulation as a New Mode of Regulation under the Accumulation Regime of Digital Capitalism. Available at SSRN: (Under Review)
  • Chan, K.J.D., Cheung, B., and Shen, L.Y. (2023). How to Assess the Credibility of Corporate Transition Pathways? Application of the TCFD Framework based on Economic Theory. Available at SSRN: (Under Review)
  • Chan, K.J.D., and Wan, W.T.S. (2023). Swept under the Rug: Distortionary Effect of Carbon Price on Emissions Disclosure Accuracy. Available at SSRN: (Under Review)
  • Chan, K.J.D., Lau, P. C. C., and Mok, L.W. (2023). Leakage in the Common Ground: How Misalignment in Sustainable Finance Taxonomies Impacts Cross-Border Capital Flows. Available at SSRN: (Revise and Resubmit)
  • Chan, K.J.D., Cheung, B., and Mok, L.W. (2023) Market Fragmentation or Market Failure? A Dilemma of Harmonizing Green Finance Taxonomy Designs. Available at SSRN: (Under Review)
  • Chan, K.J.D., Papyshev, G., and Yarime, M. (2022). Balancing the Tradeoff between Regulation and Innovation for Artificial Intelligence: An Analysis of Top-down Command and Control and Bottom-up Self-Regulatory Approaches Available at SSRN: (Under Review)
  • Chan, K.J.D. (2022). Inefficiency in a Frictionless Market. Available at SSRN: (Revise and Resubmit)
  • Chan, K.J.D. (2022). Re-trading and Efficient Allocation. Available at SSRN: