Changqing LIN

Research Assistant Professor, Division of Environment and Sustainability

Tel: (852) 2358 8316
Office: Room 4332 (Lift 3)

Research Interests
  • Aerosol and trace gas
  • Air pollution and health
  • Lidar remote sensing
  • Satellite remote sensing
Research Publications
  • Lin CQ, Leung KKM, Yu ALC, Tsang RCW, Tsui BC, Fung JCH, Ng KW, Cheung SL, Tang WY, Ning Z, Li Y, Zhang T, Lau AKH* (2021), Effects of Synoptic Patterns on the Vertical Structure of Ozone in Hong Kong Using Lidar Measurement, Atmospheric Environment, 257, 118490.
  • Lin CQ, Lau AKH*, Fung JCH, Song Y, Li Y, Tao M, Lu X, Ma J, Lao XQ (2021). Removing the effects of meteorological factors on changes in nitrogen dioxide and ozone concentrations in China from 2013 to 2020. Science of the Total Environment.
  • Song Y, Lin CQ*, Li Y*, Lau AKH, Fung JCH, Lu X, Guo C, Ma J, Lao XQ (2021). An improved decomposition method to differentiate meteorological and anthropogenic effects on air pollution: a national study in China during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Atmospheric Environment, 250, 118270.
  • Song Y, Li Y*, Lin CQ*, Lau AKH (2021), A Multi-Dimensional Decomposition Method of the Meteorology-driven and Emission-driven Effects on Year-to-year Air Quality Variations, Earth and Space Science, doi: 10.1029/2020EA001424.
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  • Bo Y, Brook JR, Lin CQ, Chang L, Guo C, Zeng Y, Yu Z, Tam T, Lau AKH, Lao XQ (2021), Reduced Ambient PM2.5 Was Associated with a Decreased Risk of Chronic Kidney Disease: A Longitudinal Cohort Study, Environmental Science & Technology, 55, 10, 6876–6883.
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  • Guo C, Bo Y, Lin CQ, Li H, Zeng Y, Zhang Y, Hossain MS, Chan JWM, Yeung DW, Kwok K, Wong SYS, Lau AKH, Lao XQ (2021). Meteorological factors and COVID-19 incidence in 190 countries: an observational study, Science of the Total Environment, 757, 143783.
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  • Woo KS, Timothy KCY, Chook P, Hu YJ, Yin YH, Lin CQ, Lau AKH, Lee PWA, Celermajer DS (2021), Independent Effects of Metabolic Syndrome and Air Pollution (PM2.5) on Atherosclerosis in Modernizing China. Austin Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, 8(2), 1097.
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