Christine LOH

Chief Development Strategist

Tel: (852) 2358 8064
Office: Room 4332 (Lift 3)

Professor Christine Loh, SBS, JP, OBE, Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite, is Chief Development Strategist at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She was Under Secretary for the Environment in the HKSAR Government (2012-17), Special Consultant to the Chief Executive on the mainland’s ecological civilisation policy (2019-2020), and a Member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council (1992-97 and 1998-2000). Loh has been active in public policy and politics since the 1980s. She founded and was the CEO of the non-profit think tank, Civic Exchange (2000-12), and helped to establish several non-profit organizations in Hong Kong related to the environment, equal opportunity, arts and culture, as well as human rights.

Professor Loh is currently a board member of CDP Worldwide, Global Maritime Forum, New Forests Pty Ltd, Towngas Smart Energy Company Limited, and is Asia Society’s Scholar in Residence (2023-2024). She taught a course at Anderson School of Management, University of California at Los Angeles on nonmarket risks for five years (2018-22). She is a published author of many academic and popular works. Loh is a lawyer by training, and a commodities trader by profession. She received her legal training in England, and received honorary degrees of Doctor of Law from the University of Hull and Doctor of Science from the University of Exeter.

Research Area

Environment, Energy, Climate Change, and Geopolitics


Journals, Chapters and Papers

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