Post Date: 25 February 2019

EVMTAA Career Sharing Session and Alumni Homecoming Dinner 2019

Environmental Management & Technology Program (EVMT) Alumni Homecoming Day was held on 23 February 2019 to bring EVMT graduates back together to cultivate, foster, maintain and support closer relationship between alumni, current students and faculty members.  

The Alumni Homecoming Day consisted of two parts, Alumni Career Sharing Session in the afternoon and a dinner gathering in the G/F Chinese Restaurant in the evening. Over 100 alumni and current students, and 14 faculty members, including Prof. Jimmy Fung, Head of Division of Environment and Sustainability, Prof. Paul Forster, Prof. Alexis Lau and Prof. Arthur Lau, EVMT Program Co-Directors, Prof. Davis Bookhart, Prof. Michael Edesess, Prof. Robert Gibson, Prof. Eun-Soon Im, Prof. Zhongming Lu, Prof. Zhi Ning, Prof. Jerry Patchell, Prof. James Pong, Prof. Xun Wu and Dr. Meike Sauerwein joined this remarkable annual event. The Alumni Career Sharing Session serves as a platform for alumni to share their career experiences and latest development of the environmental field with EVMT penultimate and final year students, and through this sharing session, our current students got a chance to explore career options and paths and seek advice from the alumni.   After the sharing session, alumni, faculty members and current students enjoyed the dinner and mingled with each other.

Joe Poon (Class of 2017) shared that, "EVMT is like a big family and it is always happy to see our professors, alumni and students. I love the home coming day as it brought most of my old friends I always want to meet back together. I am thankful to have EVMT as my Major. The interdisciplinary program provides us great opportunity to learn from people in different industries. Many of our alumni are now working as young professional in different fields.  I enjoy talking to them and their professionalism and enthusiasm is a great inspiration to me and many others.”

The Alumni Homecoming Day 2019 was truly an enjoyable event for all the participants and we hope to see more alumni coming back next year!



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Date : 23 Feb 2019 (Saturday)
Time : 3 - 9 p.m.
Venue : LT-L , HKUST
G/F Chinese Restaurant, HKUST