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Regional air quality management: from science to policy

This workshop aims at building a high-level platform for environmental experts, technicians, government officials, enterprise managers, etc. to review the air quality sciences and pollution control policies, and put forward effective action ideas within the next five to ten years to expedite the interaction and transformation between scientific fruits and pollution control policy so as to make contributions in improving regional air quality and protecting public health.

It is hoped that the conference can produce a summary (or a few summaries) to be submitted for journal publication regarding the direction of air quality science research and air control policy priorities in the next five to ten years for regional air quality improvement in China. (read more)

Final Announcement and Program Agenda


  • Pre-registration starts 14:00 on Monday Jan 13 at Crowne Plaza Hotel and lasts until 20:30.
  • Registration and help desks start at 08:00 on Tuesday Jan 14.
  • Most up-to-date information about the conference is available at http://envr.ust.hk/4raqm.

Workshop Venue (Academic Building, HKUST)

  • All plenary sessions on Tuesday (14 January) and Thursday (16 January) will be held at the Lecture Theater J at the Academic Building of HKUST.
  • Parallel sessions on Wednesday (15 January) will be held at Lecture Theaters J and K, Rooms 1505, 4619, 4620 and 5619.
  • The poster session will be held between 17:30 to 19:00 outside Lecture Theater J on Wednesday (15 January). Refreshments will be served. Posters can be set up at the display site after registration, and be removed after the close of the Poster Session. Any poster not removed by noon on Thursday (16 January) will be discarded.
  • Workshop map

Opening Ceremony and Conference Banquet

  • The Opening Ceremony will be held at 0830 on 14 January at Lecture Theater J. All are invited.
  • The Conference Banquet will be held at 1800 on 14 January at the Chinese Restaurant at HKUST. All registered participants are invited.


  • Each registered participant will be provided with HK$100 worth of meal coupons for lunch or refreshments from 14 to 16 January. They can be used at the following HKUST restaurants: Coffee Shop, LG1 Canteen II, LG5 McDonald, LG7 Kitchen 1, LG7 Kitchen 2 and LG7 Kitchen 3. Please see conference map on the reverse side of your badge for their locations.
  • All plenary speakers and session chairs are also invited to join a sit-in lunch at the Chinese Restaurant during the lunch breaks on 14 and 15 January.

Non-Smoking Campus

  • Please note that HKUST is a non-smoking campus. Smoking is not allowed throughout the campus, both indoor and outdoor. From the conference venue, one needs to take a 3-5 minute walk to leave the university before smoking is allowed.
Short course (see http://envr.ust.hk/4raqm/short_course.pdf)
  • We are pleased to announce that Drs. Judith Chow and John Watson of have kindly agreed to organize a one day short course on "PM2.5 Measurements for Air Quality Management" on Friday 17th Jan 2014. The course fee is HK$1000 or RMB 800. Those interested should register at the registration desk or online at http://envr.ust.hk/4raqm/shortcourse_reg.html.
Site visits (0900 - 1300, Friday Jan 17)
  • We have arranged a site visit for the following three locations:
         a. The HKUST Research Air Quality Supersite Facility
         b. HKEPD Vehicle Emission Remote Sensing Facility
         c. HKEPD Central Roadside Air Quality Monitoring Station
  • Those who are interested please register online at http://envr.ust.hk/4raqm/sitevisit_reg.html.
  • The site visit coach will first pick up participants from the hotels at 08:40, and then pick up other participants at HKUST piazza (i.e. taxi drop on the map) at 09:00. We expect the site visits to finish by 13:00, and the coach will bring the participants back to the hotels.

Best student paper and best young researcher award

  • To encourage participation of young researchers, we are creating two awards this year. One for the best student paper and one for best paper from recent PhDs graduated in or after 2009. To be eligible, the winner must be the 1st author and also present his/her paper in the workshop.
  • If you want to be considered for this award, please email the Secretariat at 4raqm@ust.hk or inform us during registration to let us know about your student / young researcher status.
  • Session chairs are given a score sheet and asked to help assess the presentations. Participants competing for these awards are encouraged to inform the session chairs of their status.

Conference chair :

Conference chair : Ms Christine Kung-wai Loh
Under Secretary, Environment Bureau
The HKSAR Government

Co-chair : Prof Joseph Hun Wei Lee
Vice President of Research & Postgraduate Studies
The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology


Conference theme :

  • State of air quality science in China
  • Fine particulates (PM2.5) and the health impact
  • Ozone and VOC pollution
  • Regional air quality management system and how science can effectively drive policy
  • Opportunities and challenges in air quality management in China in the coming five to ten years

Academic committee :

Chair :
Jiming Hao Tsinghua University, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, China

Co-chair :
Peter Brimblecombe University of East Anglia / City University of Hong Kong
Greg Carmichael University of Iowa
Chak K. Chan The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Pen-Chi Chiang National Taiwan University, Taiwan
H. Christopher Frey North Carolina State University, USA
Robert O'Keefe The Health Effect Institute, USA
Neng-Huei (George) Lin National Central University, Taiwan
Mary D. Nichols California Air Resource Board
Ulrich Poeschl Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry
Yinon Rudich Weizmann Institute of Science
Armistead Russell Georgia Institute of Technology
Chaolin Zhang National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFCC), China

Co-organizers :

  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Tsinghua University
  • Environment Bureau, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  • South China University of Technology
  • Guangdong Regional Atmospheric Environmental Research Center

Sponsors :

Last update : 13 Jan 2014